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    The H2testw is the software that must be installed on every photographer's computer. (OK, if you're shooting on film, then it doesn't apply to you.) The main purpose of the software is testing the size and the reading / writing speed of the memory cards, that way you could be sure that your 8Gb 60Mb/s SanDisk memory card you bought on eBay for the half of the retail price was a good deal or not. Apart from that you can use this simple software to securely erase the contents of the card, so after selling the new owner of the card will not be able to restore the 2000 photos you shot at your vacation.


    How does it work? On the main screen of the software, the language (German / English), the drive and the space to be tested should be chosen. Then it's time to hit the "Write + Verify" buttom. Then the software starts to write the memory card (or pendrive) then it reads back that data, and during this it measures the writing- and reading speed of the card.

    After the writing and reading procedure finished without any error, we can be sure that the memory card has the same size that we can see in the properties. From the writing-, and reading speed it can be inferred if the card is genuine or not. The speed which is written on the sticker of the cards are the reading speed, the genuine cards are almost as fast as those speeds, but the writing speed is usually slower, can be even half as much as the reading speed. The speed of the memory cards can be affected by the USB controller or the card reader: the maximum speed of the USB2.0 is about 35-40Mb/s, the USB3.0's is more than 300Mb/s.

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H2testw screenshotH2testw screenshotH2testw screenshotH2testw screenshot

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