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    I bought an another Canon EOS 300D for an incredible price: for 22 EUR. I had to pick it up in a nearby city, so some traveling costs should be added to the price. And which was included in that price is a battery grip! The camera and the battery grip is black, which is looks better (for me) than the silver-color models. The only thing that is missing is the battery door, so I have to order one from eBay. (Without battery door the camera can't be used without the battery grip.)

    As you can see by the 22 EUR price, there isn't a lot of demand for those old cameras, but I'm sure that I will get better price on eBay.

    I'm expecting that this camera will be sold for around between 85 and 100 EUR (net), so I will make good profit. So, the 300D with battery door and traveling costs costed me about 30 EUR, and on this investment I will make 55-70 EUR profit... not much in terms of amount, but good in terms of percentage.

    Overall, currently I have those items in "stock":
        - Canon EOS 300D camera body
        - Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 XR DI-II LD Aspherical IF macro lens
        - Canon EOS 300D camera body with battery grip
    And still have 81,37 EUR to spend on other photogears.

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