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    Canon EOS 1D X Mark II was the most important camera body from the cameras released by Canon in the last one year. Yes, as you have expected, Canon has introduced the successor of the 1D X.

    If we compare the specification, we see some smaller improvements here and there: 20,2 MP sensor, Dual Pixel AF, Dual DIGIC 6+ processor, new AF, 14/16 FPS speed, better ISO sensitivity, smaller amount of image noise and better light metering.

    We have to wait tor the reviews, but I'm really curious about the improvements of the new sensor, and the comparisons of a 1D X, 1D X Mark II and other manufacturer's flasgship cameras.

    Of course it is a question that how many photographers will upgrade their 1D X bodies to 1D X Mark II... I'm expecting that when it will be available to buy in the shops (by the time of writing this article, it can be pre-ordered), then soon after there will be many used 1D Xs will be on the second-hand markets, and the price will be dropped significantly. Currently they are for sale for about 4000 EUR, and I'm expecting to that this price would be 3000-3500 EUR within half year.

    Is the goal of the blog will be changed, so I will buy 1D X Mark II instead of the original Canon EOS 1D X? Well, I haven't decided yet. Let's wait for the in-depth tests, let's see how the used price of the 1D X will change, and then I will see...

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