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    Ladies and Gents, it gives me great pride to announce that the Canon EOS 300D DSLR camera body with two lenses got sold, which is the firts sale on the road to the Canon EOS 1D X.

    The happy new owner of this camera set is living somewere in England. I hope he will be satisfied with the camera and amazing pictures will be made with it!
    At the end, I got 178 EUR for the whole set. This is net price, so all the costs and fees were deducted, so this is the amount which I can spend on buying my next DSLR camera-set.

    From now I will browse the market every day, looking for good deals. For that amount I would like to buy a camera body in the same category, with a better (more expensive) lens. A 300D, 350D or a 400D would definitely fit in that category, buy maybe I could buy a 450D or 500D with a kitlens. If I would choose camera from the enthusiast category, I could buy 10D, 20D or 30D with a better lens, or maybe a 40D with a simple kitlens would fit in my budget.

    I think it wouldn't take much time to buy the successor of the 300D set.

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