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    On 6 February, Canon has introduced many new products and I would like to highlight the EOS 5Ds DSLR camera:
    The 5Ds is the successor of the 5D Mark III. The sensor resolution was almost doubled compared to the 5D Mark III, which is 50 Megapixels now in the 5Ds. The question is that do we really need that much resolution. Of course, higher resolution means bigger, better quality prints, ability to cropping the photos more but on the negative side would be the need of high quality (=expensive) lenses, lots of space for the photos, and also don't forget to buy a very fast computer for editing the pictures.

    From the marketing standpoint that much resolution is needed: the customers make decisions based on the resolution, because that is a simple number which can be easily compared, and only by that it can be decided that the 5Ds makes much better pictures than the other two manufacturer's 36 megapixel DSLR camera. (Of course, we should take other features into account when buying DSLR cameras!)
    An other interesting is the naming of the camera: instead of 5D Mark IV, the name was 5Ds which suggests that the Canon EOS 5D series would be split into a high resolution (5Ds), and a lower resolution/low noise (5D Mark IV?) product lines, like which was in the past before the 1D X: 1D-series were the fast and lower resolution, and the 1Ds-series were the slow and high resolution.
    Actually, I'm happy that the 5Ds was introduced (not because I would like to buy one). Because by releasing that DSLR, I'm expecting to make the predecessor's prices significantly fall. I think that the 5D Mark II is a great camera, which -until now- holded its price very well at about 1000 EUR. This might be because the 5D Mark III did not have any remarkable new features. It is like the 30D: there wasn't big improvement, it was almost the same as the 20D. But now the 5Ds is a serious reason for the owners of Canon 5D Mark II and III to upgrade, and due to this we should expect more 5D Mark II and III DSLR cameras on the second-hand market, which is -of course- making their prices fall.

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