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For the beginning, let me talk about the way of trading and about the rules:

So, as you know from the introduction, I will start with a Canon EOS 300D set, which consists of 2 lenses apart from the body:
- Canon EOS 300D DSLR camera body,
- Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 USM kit lens and a
- Canon EF 55-200mm f/4-5.6 USM telelens.

    I will sell those by advertising them on the internet, the money will be invested in other photo-equipment, which will be sold (hopefully) for higher price which will be invested again, and this cycle can start over again until I can buy the Canon EOS 1D X.
During the trading I will write about trading tips, will take lots of photos and share my experiences using the bought cameras and lenses.

    Of course, I will make profit with the trading, 30% of this will be saved for taxes. Because of that it will take me more to reach my goal, the 1D X longer, but the pros are that I will test and use more cameras and lenses. On the site there is a Gallery where will be photos made by the photo equipment in stock, but if I would have only a lens (or a camera body) in stock, then I will borrow a camera or lens to take the photos.

    That's about the rules... let the selling begin!

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