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    I have sold a Canon EOS 300D body, which was bought the first time (Blog: First purchase: 300D + Tamron 18-200mm). I could sell the camera body for a quite good price, I got bruto 103 EUR for that. After deducting the expenses, I have 68 EUR, which isn't seems a lot, but it is a quite good price for such an old camera.

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    A new 300D has been added to my stock. To buy that DSLR camera I had to go to Nieuw-Lekkerland. It is a village nearby Rotterdam, so I decided that I need some physical training, so I go there by bicycle. The route was 47 km there and back.

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    Many people are complaining because photography is a very expensive hobby, if we look at the money invested in the photo equipment, but my opinion is that it has never been cheapen than now. So, let's look at that nowadays what equipment we could buy from the original price of the Canon EOS 300D kit, which was 999USD in 2003. (Currently 999USD is 875 EUR.)

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    I bought an another Canon EOS 300D for an incredible price: for 22 EUR. I had to pick it up in a nearby city, so some traveling costs should be added to the price. And which was included in that price is a battery grip! The camera and the battery grip is black, which is looks better (for me) than the silver-color models. The only thing that is missing is the battery door, so I have to order one from eBay. (Without battery door the camera can't be used without the battery grip.)

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    Canon EOS 1D X Mark II was the most important camera body from the cameras released by Canon in the last one year. Yes, as you have expected, Canon has introduced the successor of the 1D X.

    If we compare the specification, we see some smaller improvements here and there: 20,2 MP sensor, Dual Pixel AF, Dual DIGIC 6+ processor, new AF, 14/16 FPS speed, better ISO sensitivity, smaller amount of image noise and better light metering.

After a year of silence I'm back, and there will be new contents soon. In the past one year I was actively trading, so there are lots of contents I will share!

    Again, I could buy a 300D for a price I couldn't say no. This time I could buy a 300D for only 22 EUR, and I got an original Canon battery grip and two batteries with it. I'm expecting to get netto 90EUR for that camera, which is -looking at the percentage- quite a good profit.

    The previous 300D did not get sold yet, but week by week the price will be lowered a little bit, so sooner or later I'm sure it will reach a price where it will find it's new owner.

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    There is an extended firmware exists for Canon EOS 300D cameras which can activate almost all of the extra features of the Canon EOS 10D.

    The Canon EOS 300D camera is based on 10D: sensor with the same resolution, same LCD screen, compatible batteries, and even the size of the camera bodies are similar. But, the 10D is in an advanced DSLR, while the 300D is an entry level camera for beginners. In order to make those two cameras different, some custom settings were disabled in the firmware of 300D, which the 10D has. Fortunately, the disabled menu can be activated by a firmware upgrade, adding extra features to 300D cameras.

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    I bought my first photogears: for only 75€ (plus traveling costs) I could buy a Canon EOS 300D with a Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD Aspherical IF macro lens.

    So, we could say that I swapped the 300D camera body, 18-55 and 55-200 lenses to the same Canon 300D and a 18-200mm travel-zoom lens, and besides those I got more than 100€.

    By browsing the advertisements I see that mistake many times which is the short, unimformative description. So, my first selling tip would be for successful selling is also the most important: make great title and description about what you're selling!

    The most important purpose of the listing's title and description is to describe the item. A good title describes accurately the item which is listed, and which is the most important: makes our advertisement searchable.

    Ladies and Gents, it gives me great pride to announce that the Canon EOS 300D DSLR camera body with two lenses got sold, which is the firts sale on the road to the Canon EOS 1D X.

    The happy new owner of this camera set is living somewere in England. I hope he will be satisfied with the camera and amazing pictures will be made with it!
    At the end, I got 178 EUR for the whole set. This is net price, so all the costs and fees were deducted, so this is the amount which I can spend on buying my next DSLR camera-set.

    From now I will browse the market every day, looking for good deals. For that amount I would like to buy a camera body in the same category, with a better (more expensive) lens. A 300D, 350D or a 400D would definitely fit in that category, buy maybe I could buy a 450D or 500D with a kitlens. If I would choose camera from the enthusiast category, I could buy 10D, 20D or 30D with a better lens, or maybe a 40D with a simple kitlens would fit in my budget.

    I think it wouldn't take much time to buy the successor of the 300D set.