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My name is András.

    I was born in 1984, in Hungary, I currently live in The Netherlands. I have been devoting a lot of time for photography on a hobby level since 2002, I bought the first digital camera of my life in that year. I like to spend my free time with photographing and editing landscapes, cities and architecture.

    The appearance of digital technology opened up new dimensions in photography, and with its help, one can make images which could not be possible with analogue techniques. In recent years, we can see a rapid development of digital cameras. Manufacturers improve their machines with better image sensors, bigger LCD resolutions, more accurate autofocus and a lots of other functions.

    But can we really make the best and biggest award winning shot of our lives with the newest, the most expensive and the best digital cameras? To what extent are older models useful, how much do they lag behind current developments of digital cameras? I try to answer such question in this blog.

From Canon 300D to 1D X

    This is a creative blog, in which starting with a 10 years old amateur digital SLR camera kit (Canon EOS 300D + lenses) I get to the currently best, newest and most expensive professional camera, the Canon EOS 1D X via trading.

    Along the way, I only invest my time and the sum from selling the 300D, so I can buy another Canon digital SLR body, lens or flash which I will use and test then share my experiences regarding it. Afterwards, I will sell it (hopefully on a better price than for what I purchased it). This way, the sum I got for it will be invested in photographic equipment, so the cycle can start all over again.

    Within the blog, I will write about my experiences with digital cameras and on the other hand, I will share practical and useful advice about buying and selling digital cameras. Besides these, there are a number of articles from which one can find out about how to read the exposure number of Canon digital cameras or in case of lenses what kind of abbreviations and namings are used by manufacturers. There is also a number of websitessoftware and tools which can be of use in dealing with camera and related products. Of course, we cannot forget about a Photo gallery from the site, where I will share pictures made with the cameras, during the entire process. Under the Progress menu, the current stock can be seen.


This road will lead through a lot of lenses and cameras…it is time to start!


I wish you a pleasant read.

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