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So what is this Blog about?

    This blog describes a path, at the beginning of which, starting with a Canon EOS 300D set, we get to the currently best professional camera, the EOS 1D X, via trading.

    During the way I only invest my time and a 10 years old, cheap, amateur digital SLR camera kit (this would be the 300D), so that by selling and buying, I can reach my goal: a Canon EOS 1D X professional camera body.

    During this time, I use and test the photo equipment I bought. In the Blog I write about the experiences gathered, and share important, practical advice on how to buy and sell photo equipment successfully.

    There are also other articles on the website which can be useful for any photographer: in the Featured Articles menu, readers can find a description on how to read the exposure number in Canon cameras and about the names and abbreviations of lenses. Within the Useful menu I introduce webpagessoftwares and tools which can be advantageous when using, testing, selling or buying cameras or lenses.

Have a pleasant stay!

Latest changes

A Canon EOS 300D has been sold!

21/05/2015 I sold one of the Canon EOS 300D DSLR body.

Yet another 300D in stock!

22/04/2015 An another 300D has been added to my stock.

What can be bought from the original price of a 300D?

10/04/2016 The original price of the Canon EOS 300D kit was 999 (currently is 875EUR). What can you buy from that amount nowadays?

In stock: An another Canon EOS 300D

02/04/2015 I bought a Canon EOS 300D with a battery grip for an incredible price!

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

01/04/2015 What happened in the last one year: Canon introduces 1D X Mark II.

I'm back

27/03/2016 In the previous year I haven't created any new contents on the blog, but I was actively trading, so new contents are coming soon!