He said it was while moving furniture and he didn't know what piece of furniture he hurt it on. Also I didn't like that John Jones guy although I think it's more probable that it was a burglary gone wrong myself. Shortly after arriving at the second floor apartment where he lived with his mother and half-brother, an unknown assailant attacked and strangled him. This documentary will show interviews, shots from surveillance cameras and more from the case. I need to rewatch, but wasn't JJ also at the hospital right after Garrett was found? The part that sent me over the edge was at the ending of part two Mary Rain saying something along the lines of “We wont be looking for any other leads because Nick Hillary 100% did this”... How could you say that when he was just found not guilty? GARRETT Phillips was an angelic, blond 12-year-old, who loved ball games and had an endearing naughty streak. is at its best when it's most detailed, offering lengthy segments from the aforementioned interrogation and text … [Update] to the murder of Garrett Phillips. Also, the behavior in the school parking lot while in his car is truly bizarre. Is it possible that was not the way the criminal exited? This documentary is really not so much about who killed Garrett Phillips, but about who did not kill him--namely Nick Hillary. Everything he did or was described seemed either spiteful to Nick or self-interested in being placed where he could be the hero for the mother, or both. There's been a small update. I think John Jones did it. Inside the unsolved murder of Garrett Phillips (Picture: Sky Crime) Garrett Phillips was just 12-years-old when he was brutally murdered back in 2011. I found the whole thing infuriating. Nick was obsessed with Tandy as accounted for by many witnesses. Twelve year old Garrett Phillips walked the five blocks home from school during the early evening hours of October 24th, 2011. This is a subreddit for those cases of murder that go unsolved for years, even decades. Police quickly zeroed in on a suspect in this unthinkable crime: Oral “Nick” Hillary, a black man in the mostly white community, who was a soccer coach at Clarkson University and the ex-boyfriend of Garrett’s mother, Tandy Cyrus. "Who Killed Garrett Phillips?" Boston Globe shared details of the case of Garrett Phillips murder. !I love that the prosecutor (Rainn) got dismissed for misconduct eventually. Especially when locals in this small town had seen Nick and Tandy out in public. I blame it on the perceived need to lock someone (anyone) up fast for the public and get good stats over actual justice. Watched the first half of this and it was insane and infuriating. Mark Murray and his stupid little police wannabe squad should be made to pay. 'Who Killed Garrett Phillips?' Turning left (which follows young Garrett) is not straight home. At first, I was like, Hmmm I wonder how he he can be so sure Nick did it....then I watch 10 more minutes....OooooHhh, b/c he already doesn't like black people, and then he gets cucked by one. We also discuss HBO's documentary 'Who killed Garrett Phillips?' And if it was Jones, they were just covering it up the whole time. He raised my spidey sense early in the first episode when he says that once Tandy and Nick decided to separate, JJ offered to help her find an apartment, saying to the camera something like “I didn’t do it so the boys would be closer to me, but to help her out and make sure they were well taken care of”. Murray arrives at Nick’s place and tells him all of what he knows and whatnot. He said he was going to watch a game from in his car. Like...dude, no one’s mind was going to go anywhere near there until you said hat. Garrett Phillips was strangled in his family’s second-floor apartment in upstate Potsdam in October 2011. What happens when the murderer doesnt get caught? So he was immediately ruled out due to the fact that he had the clearest motive, having been a controlling deputy that had recently been dumped by a beautiful GF (Tandy) “The love of his life” for a Jamaican American man who may have been “seeing” Tandy during the time JJ believed that himself and Tandy were still romantically involved. That said, most people locally believe the police officer who previously dated Garett's mother killed him and covered it up. Rain served just one term in office and decided not to run for re-election. They photograph a big gash on his ankle as well as a swollen ankle. It never has to. The ‘who killed Garrett Phillips documentary ‘ is just the most corrupt thing I have ever watched — Sarah O'Leary (@SarahOL37636434) October 21, 2019 Who Killed Garrett Phillips was v good. same. A few months ago, Grantland did a thorough write-up on the circumstances regarding the murder of an 11 year old boy from the small town of Potsdam New York. On Oct. 24, 2011, 12-year-old Garrett Phillips was murdered in his home in Potsdam, a small town in upstate New York. #AD Hey Guys! Fingers were quickly pointed at Hillary, and although his name would be legally cleared, his life, as show in "Who >!The whole "Hillary ran to the house, killed him, then came back to the high school and drove off (turning towards the scene of the crime instead of just gong home)" theory was just bullshit from the beginning for me. Stream Who Killed Garrett Phillips? It was also very much seeming like he was taking the opportunity of the kid’s murder to get close again with the mother; not exactly evidence of his guilt, but still a very slimy thing to do. Who Killed Garrett Phillips (2019) - On Oct. 24, 2011, 12-year-old Garrett Phillips was murdered in his home in Potsdam, a small town in upstate New York. It seems initially that the dispatcher as well as the other police officer involved in the first response immediately implicated JJ, or at least understood that JJ (a local Sheriff’s deputy) would be implicated. This public display either occurred during or soon after JJ’s relationship with Tandy had ended (possibly becoming the butt of jokes within the local police department that may have undermined his authority with his subordinates). In 2011, a small rural town in upstate New York was rocked by the loss of its own: a 12-year-old boy named Garrett Phillips. So he's clearly lying to cover something up. Garrett Phillips was strangled in his family’s second-floor apartment in upstate Potsdam in October 2011. Oral “Nick” Hillary ought to be the epitome of the American Dream. I watched both parts of “Who Killed Garrett Phillips?”, and I’m wondering if the question has already been answered. Oct. 16, 2014: Nearly three years after Garrett Phillips’ killing, Judge Richards dismissed all charges against Mr. Hillary, who had been indicted on a second-degree murder charge. She prob knew it was gonna ding her bad and a chance she wouldn't be re-elected. Well yes, why didn't he turn right to go home, when he said he went home? I came to reddit assuming someone would’ve started an “I know who really did it” thread. Moreover, there is almost nothing about the victim’s life before he was killed, or about his mother's life. I get a really bad vibe from this dude. I just can't fathom that he's actually kill that kid.
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