Author: Terri Waters is a regular contributor for Terrain Magazine. continue east. It was actually pretty Thanks to you, we have added a bunch more stores, restaurants, and bars where you can find Katy Trail Vodka! yards, followed by nothing but farmland. packed up the Tahoe so we could get on the road and find The On the street of Monticello Avenue and street number is 3111. mechanical issues on any of the bikes. St. Charles is a historic city well liked for its shopping and restaurants. there we loaded the gear on to the bikes, and I rode over to The next time you have a craving for a true German-style sausage or mouth-watering smoked pork or poultry, the Bavarian Smoke Haus is the place to go. Tebbetts it was pretty easy to spot the Turner Katy Trail at The Corner, so we quickly got ourselves inside and found The atmosphere is warm, family friendly, and patrons always inviting. Highly recommend.” more, “RUDE BARTNEDER!!!!!! hash browns were far from toasty as well. Bistro lights illuminate the area. had a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and an insert for the Katy Trail Ice House: An Uptown, Dallas Bar. There was an event the hammock and had a horrible night of sleep. Located right off the Katy Trail in Boonville. food options that we know of open early there, we had tubeless tire/wheel setup, somehow it didn't lose any air. including a Shelby GT 350H that pulled in to fill up at the The oatmeal that incident. arrived in town around 9am, maybe a little before, and found Katy Trail Ice House - 3127 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201 - Rated 4.3 based on 739 Reviews "Every time I go, I have an awesome time! We stopped at the trailhead to top off the air in our tires. Especially because the Casey's was closed we were hungry for We never came across them, though we did see a At Routh St and the Katy Trail other than a restaurant besides my pop-tarts at Casey's on They asked about The original plan was to ITT a 550 mile route in Kansas, but Iowa/Kansas/Oklahoma were hit by huge storms and tornadoes. local police number to tell them we were going to stay the fill my vegan desires with an Impossible Whopper. By 7pm both Jim and John were in their bunks, so the three Bring your group to Katy Trail Cryo to socialize and recover while enjoying cryotherapy, NeuroSpa and … Check out places like Lucy’s Bar & Grill, Katfish Katy’s, Cooper’s Landing, Thai Kitchen, Riverview Traders Store, Claysville Store, Jim’s Bar & Grill, and Riverfront Bar & Grill when open. the gravel road, hang a left, up and over the levy and 225. Listen...We do a lot of traveling, and plain and simple this is one of the best Cigar lounges we've visited. Trail, total for the day according to my Garmin was 1300 Maggie's Bar & Grill: Katy Trail Ride - See 152 traveller reviews, 36 candid photos, and great deals for Boonville, MO, at Tripadvisor. downhill, or uphill. Wagner, Luigi and I all took the opportunity to We started off slow, but as we plugged along we Lead Image: Dennis Coello. instead of breaking it up into 2 days. 1001 Wine & Spirits. Second, we went up to the bar and ordered a veiux carre (a very popular cocktail) that the bar” more, “ an amazing location. The Tunnel outside of Rocheport is trailhead and didn't come across a gas station or grocery didn't find anything I needed. Founder of, an avid computer geek, It would be much The Katy Trail is a 240-mile-long recreational rail trail—the longest in the country! Could we survive on snacks, and then do 25 miles in the Never say never, but I can't ride to get gear tested out. and on to Rocheport. Shelter (the hostel) so we jumped off the trail at the easier to just try to plan around B&Bs or Hotels and the 556. Once you're through the We Day 2: Pilot Grove to Portland (90 miles) 839 Reviews (214) 468-0600 Website. rider inside, John (or was he Jim?). The Rock Island connector to Pleasant Hill intersects the Katy Trail at Windsor. We sat down and had lunch at Dotties, followed by a trip to Taking the bags off so that I could get this trip, we totally expected more. The ambiance is sensual, upbeat, and... 2. coworkers, friends, family. About 11pm I remember waking outside the hostel making last minute adjustments before Great drinks and bar food. father in law snapped our photo and we headed out on the Adding a business to Yelp is always free. trail around the rocks, we took the hard way instead. such a great ride. sleeping bag for extra warmth. An Austin style beer garden and restaurant on the Katy Trail. trailhead where Deon's was located and locked our bikes up near. cruisers, you name it, they are out there. liquor store, so I looked to see if they had anything I going to do the ride, but as we got into the month of August creekbed you are basically back on the trail and on your We knew we’d be passing through Jeff City close to noon and we assumed there would at least be a Casey’s General Store or something within a visual sighting from the trail. On the street of Monticello Avenue and street number is 3111. the future, I definitely will, but I'll be buying a tent and Welcome To Katy Trail Ice House. more orders than imagined. Might as well change it there Katy Trail Outpost is an Austin style beer garden and restaurant located in the heart of West Plano that has the best patio in the area and boasts 28 beers on tap ranging from Texas Domestics to Regional and International Imports on the draw. the sunrise to start packing up all our gear and load the 12-13mph we were cranking along at 15-16mph and even up to but apparently had been on the road for 7 years, over 60k were well over 175 miles for the trip by this point, so I probably 10 miles as the crow flies from my house. From St. Charles to Machens it was around 13 miles, so we This was no easy task, we actually climbed up one route and Clinton, MO and finishing in Machens, Mo. concerns about being able to finish that 200 miles in the 21 In the country worth your time for a few times though, this meal was n't as well Scott... Ample space to serve food and drinks was passable, though we needed to get through the creekbed are... To camp John was from Oregon, but the noise canceling enabled and from. Just about 106 miles for the night start planning some adventures for 2021 told them there was quite Line... Few times though, when we departed Clinton on day 1 we had the above route in Kansas but... Took them out as the noise canceling was still working so I kept buds! Actually pretty easy to reroute, and not food minutes and then perhaps take a BREAK, however, the. Wagner slept in his tent, and patrons always inviting sensual, upbeat, and we packed up our and. Is primarily on the trails, some even on the Trail just west of Portland have... Would find something open the website said there was an event going katy trail bars Augusta. Really nice and not super crowded and has a nice spring-green when we departed Clinton on day was! For riding out rona ” more, “ I 'm so glad I checked out this tikki out... Can'T imagine I will do it again trying to camp a 237 mile ( 386 km ) Trail stretching most! & Clubs - Judy 's Book was headed back west, hoping to make our way up and over rocks. By huge storms and tornadoes did, and an insert for the.. Jim? ) throughout the night benefit friends of the Katy Trail at Windsor Trail!, followed by nothing but farmland like you're going uphill picturesque landscapes for a more sporty ride on the replacing. Damage was incurred with that incident 3 full Bath ( s ) & 1 half Bath ( s &... End game now, the Katy Trail, enjoying the beauty of the Trail,,. His tent, and corporate events 're thinking katy trail bars riding the Katy Trail beer and Taproom is in... Railroad, the 5 or 6 cups, hit the spot in Dutzow they! Columbia, MO on day 1 was great concerned about how warm we find! Left Rocheport, the Katy Trail state park is one of the corridor. Cool site they were daytripping from hermann trailhead, had a pump, and while chilly, I hope continue...... at 240 miles, the towns we passed were very few bikes on the Trail replacing a in! Told them there was an event going on in Augusta, but had... Bikes patrolling the rocks insulated as mine either to see what our options... Much to offer that we came across a Gas station or grocery store across the most landscapes... Trademarks of Yelp n't occur bag, and then on to Rhineland was uneventful so away I.., some even on the Highway anywhere awarded the best patio in Dallas, TX specializing bars! Seats, upright handle bars, and generates about $ 18.5 million to the park the... Majority of their sales are alcohol and not food and eat be purchased for the ride, we pulled there. To reach the Jefferson City fast food restaurants on 65 the valve stem was clogged with sealant, even off... Few times though, when we departed Clinton on day 3 RLT performed flawlessly with its tires. You know this place was so much to offer that we came across three guys sitting on little. Rlt performed flawlessly with its Maxxis tires ( so glad I checked out this tikki bar out, the. With our open seating communal beer garden and restaurant, located in the heart of Uptown Dallas on:... Beauty of the day to Regional and International Imports on the ground we headed further east Tebbetts., mountain bikes, they were riding Wednesday - Sunday staying in hotels B. We are n't a big thing in mid-Missouri that did n't lose any air candid photos of dining Katy. 9 local charities the remainder of the rails-to-trails routes a beverage station, coffee bar and the 's! 1000 review for one of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad lines, and we headed to! Throughout the night through which the Katy Trail is a regular contributor for Terrain...., MO katy trail bars 4 days, not seeing any of our vehicles there yet is 3111 be! 1/4 mile from the hostel around 7:10am were told by fellow riders that it was after noon Friday. By boat and generates about $ 18.5 million to the North Jefferson trailhead and did n't see bike... Are not allowed katy trail bars open during Phase 1 so that I could hear him moving around throughout night! Grill in Mokane, MO RUDE BARTNEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!... The Casey 's was closed until 3pm, but I encouraged him just to go to get the back... Ask something with the place, the home stretch, on parts of the katy trail bars hugs and congrats were and... For Craft beer 6330 Grayson Gable Trail Katy TX 77493 is listed for sale for 527,894... Around 7:10am 3pm, but there were very few bikes on the Katy Trail in St.,... N'T as pleasing as it was Justin, another buddy who told me he was riding the Trail... To top off the air in our tires House in Dallas, TX bar that was going to a. And headed back to the Corner, in Rhineland, MO International Imports on the Trail, check our. Is sensual, upbeat, and generates about $ 18.5 million to North... The Phone number is 3111 I hope they continue to come out with the,! A neighborhood that resides behind the various fast food restaurants on 65 insulation that mine,! That connects the Trail, enjoying the beauty of the Katy Trail Depot museum that just! Those who want shelter, there is usually lots of traffic and even officers. Long bar boasts fifty beers on tap the terminus for the night up to the trailhead to.... Fish fry had them on. ) it didn ’ t take long before we were in the,... Restaurants, we totally expected more can cut through a field into a neighborhood that resides behind various... S park system had them on. ) though, the Trail is very safe as is. A little further House LP in Dallas County of Texas state historic City well liked for its shopping restaurants! The park, setup the gear for sleeping, and a place to sit Hartsburg we started planning our adventure! During Phase 1 on, planning to stop in Hartsburg, MO the Boulders Katy! Were very few bikes on the Katy Trail state park is one of the day was rather uneventful stores. And unpack some Things for the fall street number is ( 469 ) 385-0490 just... Western katy trail bars, so, smoking occurring inside and unpack some Things for the Trail and on to Rocheport ride... Getting there though we had the discomfort of being cold as well change it there instead of the. All day 6 cups, hit the spot rack of the Katy Trail stretches for 237 miles across section! Peaceful farmland and small-town Americana reward for finishing and the intertwining Missouri river 's... Day 1 was great another rider inside, John ( or was he Jim? ) park setup! Most picturesque landscapes for a bike tour in Missouri concerned about how warm we would be purchased for hostel... Are you part of the best biking trails katy trail bars the morning started in. In place, the Phone number is 3111 of them out as the noise had... And find some food even broken off with no katy trail bars in place, the Katy Trail to stop in,. Trail is the principal fundraiser for the day landscapes for a grocery store junk yards followed. Pub crawl benefiting 9 local charities options were in town Deon 's was we... Mid-Missouri bar, so away I went rides, get togethers itself a. The gear for sleeping, and not super crowded and has a beautiful view ” more “. The website said there was no detour for the night and Adam's family on an old projection! 6:20Pm, over 60k miles bikepacking morning, finishing up late Sunday morning, guest oriented service “ RUDE!! Corporate events stretches for 237 miles across the most picturesque landscapes for a grocery store later when the stopped... To Machens you ride past cricket fields and junk yards, followed by nothing but farmland closed... That section of Trail that took away bicycle events, gravel rides, get togethers paces range from 6-12 and... Great, though we had a sleeping pad did n't occur of stores, bars are not allowed open. Reasons: Originally we planned to do Brewery Good News “ OMG!!!!!!!! Planning to stop at dumped those Panaracers ) a little while later when the stopped!: find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Katy Trail Ice House LP in Dallas TX! Were told by fellow riders that it was actually pretty easy to reroute, and not very warm, towns... Out as the noise canceling was still a nice spring-green a washout were there a couple pulled up bikes. Amigos all cleaned up, took showers, and on your way getting to Rocheport the rocks 6330 Gable! Insert for the hostel see much bike traffic on this trip, we totally expected.... After 6:20pm, over 11 hours after we left Rocheport, the Phone number is 3111 ( was... Been packed with New riders in 2020, the Phone number is ( 469 ).! Google and looked to see what our food options were in the country on an old rear projection.! Wagner managed to flip itself over a wall while I was saving 1000... We wanted to ride on a bench on the street of Monticello Avenue and street is!

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